Skae Squiggles continues to push the envelope in graffiti art as well as fine art. His new work which is a hybrid fusion of graffiti, pop culture, comic books, science fiction, religion, politics, sex, public domain, video games, economics, consumerism, cartoons, national collective unconscious, fantasy, mutants, celebrities, and his twisted imagination continues to inspire and amaze me. It seems like he always comes up with all the good ideas first. His new paintings and drawings are the continuation of a dialogue that started with Warhol, Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers, and Keith Haring. The idea of image appropriation remains on the forefront of the artistic discourse these days. While his contemporaries were content with merely copying images and turning them into fine art, Skae puts them through the elaborate wringer that is his twisted mind and comes up with clever permutations and juxtapositions that speak volumes about the current status of the world. He just keeps on innovating. I particularly like his drawings in which the subject gradually (de)evolves through the process of digitization. The most amazing thing is that the only computer he uses for this process is his brain.

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